I’m sitting at the bus stop and here is what I see

- man in khakis with bald spot on rear area of head (he has a quizzical expression. Maybe he is wondering if it’s going to rain?)
- a bus
- bus driver with Santa Claus beard and nearly pressed bright blue bus driver shirt
- a bug. It’s big and it has wings.
- a frowning lady in a sailboat shirt holding an umbrella
- a bicycle tied to a bike rack with a plastic bag covering the seat
- a vending machine that has sour gummy worms and Bugles

"Mmm. No. No way. I’m not drinking that. That tastes like I’m licking a dead potato."

- someone in the office talking about Pom juice


Marten Lange, Untitled (Cave), from his Series “Another Language”, (2012)

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This is where I work.

Running on The Default Network
by Boyce